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Uber Eats Takeaway Delivery Courier In London

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The Philadelphia Police Department is investigating a case that reveals shocking video. Egor Kostyuchenko,  professionally undefeated Ukrainian mixed martial artist, was carjacked on his route delivering food via Uber Eats.

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Kostyuchenko was on a delivery downtown near Independence Hall when his car was invaded. The video shows Kostyuchenko arriving to the car just as the suspect was about to pull of. The suspect then proceeds to pull off, speeding past traffic, while Kostyuchenko is hanging onto the side of the car. 

“Undefeated MMA fighter @egorka_now (4-0), who is from Ukraine and training partners with Sean Brady, was carjacked in Philly while delivering Uber Eats.” Barstool Philly captioned.

“I see four people sit in my car and go forward,” Kostyuchenko told Action News. “(He said) don’t touch car, I kill you,” said Kostyuchenko.

Hundreds of comments were made by Philadelphians who all agree that this city has not been holding up to its mantra as the ‘City of Brotherly Love and Sisterly Affection’.

“This is philly. F****n sucks here. All these trendy bars and restaurants but your always a block away from someone’s day getting ruined. And it just gets more common everytime it happens and there’s no repercussions.” one user commented.

“What’s really disturbing is the fact that this happened close to police headquarters and in the better part of town.” commented another user.

No leads have been found and the suspect still remains at large.


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