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Victoria Monét channels her inner jaguar as she releases debut album Jaguar II. The full length album delivers a playful, rhythmic and sensual R&B.

Monet opens the album with a blazing bop featuring Lucky Daye titled “Smoke” following with track 2 “Smoke (Reprise)” offering a soulful and funky continuation of track 1.

” Can’t forget about the party girls out lighting up the world” –                        Victoria Monet

Track 3 introduces a Jamaican dancehall groove featuring the dancehall phenom Buju Banton titled “Party Girls.” The hip whining groove is accompanied by a music video that showcases Victoria’s dance skills. Track 4 titled “Alright” is for the grown and sexy single scene matched with voguing ballroom music nuances. Monet slows it down on track 5 with an anthem for the Pimp’s titled “Cadillac (A Pimps Anthem)” . The ballad is horn filled and carries smooth dancehall overtones. Flowing into track 6 we hear the angelic, sophisticated and soft Monet with “How Does It Make You Feel”.

The hit single for the album honoring early 2000s black southern culture track 7, “On My Momma”ft Chalie Boy. The music video includes Monet hitting intricate choreography by Sean Bankhead.

The music video include 2000s wardrobe such as oversized t shirts, oversized jeans, mid drifts , jerseys dresses and references to many other artist from the south such as Ciara & more. The music video and song is are the perfect match.

” I put that on my momma, On my hood, I look fly, I look good” –                    Victoria Monet

Subsequently, Monet shows off her songwriting skills with track 8 “I’m The One“. This song a love story ballad that is filled with strings and multi harmonies . Track 9 is a playful bounce titled “Stop (Askin’ Me 4Shyt) where she asks for reciprocity wrapped in melodies.

Earth Wind and Fire joins forces with Monet on Track 10 titled “Hollywood”. The heartfelt song is highlighting the deep desire of dreaming big all while battling the “machine” of the entertainment industry.

” I’m a product of Hollywood, Dreaming bigger than I ever should” –                    Victoria Monet

Leaving a sweet kiss. the finale of the album is titled “Good Bye” . The mesmerizing and instrument filled melody is the perfect ribbon around this album.

Victoria Monet has come a long way from the Dark Child girl group, sending demos hoping to be on the feature to writing for artist such as Chris Brown, Coco Jones, GOOD MUSIC, Nas and Ariana Grande to name a few.

This album is shows when the “Jaguar II” takes a courageous leap and scores.