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Thank God, It’s Fridayy !

The 4x Grammy nominated, Def Jam artist, Francis Leblanc, professionally known as Fridayy has just released his 1st album, in which is, self titled “Fridayy”. This rhythmic work of art comes off as a highly spirited and soulful love letter dedicated to himself, God, and his loved ones. The musical texture to the project is filled with fresh choir-like melodies, compelling lyrics, and even afro-beat rhythms to bounce to !

The Philadelphia native singer songwriter and record producer is extremely vulnerable with the stories he’s sharing about overcoming trauma, growing in love and his upward journey towards success.

Fridayy’s Gospel

The album’s intro record “Came Too Far” ft Maverick City and his own mother ! Towards the end of the intro you’ll get chills hearing Fridayy’s mother praying for him in their native tongue.

“Came Too Far” is a triumphant that’ll you play when you feeling like an overcomer. Then, track two “Done for Me” ft Adekulne Gold gives us a taste of Afrobeat all while giving praise to God.

I know all he’s done for me.   Too many are dead and gone but your still sparing me.     – Fridayy

       Fridayy’s Love Story

Next, track 3 “Stand By Me” a heart wrenching chant joined by an angelic choir where he unapologetically asks his support system to continue to stand by him through the dark time because he’s knows success will bring unfamiliar experiences. Then, track 4 “Heart On The Line” where Fridayy is speaking truthfully and direct about his feelings when it comes to love. Moreover to track 5 titled,

“When It Comes To You” where Fridayy puts his pride aside and confess that he’s willing to do anything and risk it all for his lover. The music video  for “When It Comes To You” is reenacting a wedding ceremony released in July 2023 !Moving into track 6, “You” ft Fireboy Dml an acrobat dance floor hit again placing emphasis on his lover.

Hit single comes in at track 7, “Don’t Give It Away” ft Chris Brown where the lyrics explain again that he’s done with the games and willing to play for keeps. Afterward track 8 Fridayy give us Part 2 of “Don’t Give It Away” which is a exposes us to his producer side. Part 2 of DGIA song arrangement is slowed downed filled with more instrumentation and shows off Fridayy’s producer hat.

Next up track number 9 titled “3 AM in NY” is a testimony that he’s not going to sell his soul and will become successful on his own terms. At this time, “Carry You” is the interlude that encompassing a heavy organ and choir sung harmonies .

                                                                       Fridayy’s Testimony

Moving into track 11 “Mercy” ft Byron Messia where Fridayy delivers again with an Afrobeat bop with an uplifting message. Now track 12 “Lost My Way” is a record of overcoming where he mentions he’s been lost, made mistake and believes at times his trauma has blinded him awhile working himself. Following this is track 13 “Church On Sunday” which is an open prayer for the hood in perfect harmony. Last but not least, the outro track “I Won” where Fridayy states:

If nothing else happens for me in life,                                                                                        I won, bro You won, absolutely I won, bruh I’m good, like                                   God did enough, bro

– Fridayy

Based on individual songs, the lyrics, the artwork, he instrumentation, and the production the album is definitely a 8.8/10 . The lyrics were deep and concise and Fridayy certainly bends the boundaries when creating love songs.