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Kenya Vaun talks Musical Inspiration behind ‘Summer’

Kenya Vaun talks 'Summer' and Musical Inspiration on 100.3!

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Coming from Norristown, a small-town Philadelphia suburb, Kenya Vaun said growing up, she was always inspired to make music. However, Vaun was never really able to find an outlet to express her art. Her hometown didn’t have the resources necessary for her to propel her career, in which she ended up venturing out to the surrounding areas open-mic nights in the tri-state, to get her voice heard.

She also paid homage to those coming before her, crediting Teddy Pendergrass as her motivation for her popular single ‘Summer’, and her motivation to want to bring that ‘old soul’ feel back to R&B music. “Definitely wanting to just give my flowers to the greats before me, and just do it in my own way” Vaun explained. “That R&B sound is lacking I feel like, it’s not a lot of real soulful storylines and music when I comes to R&B music anymore.”

Listen to Kenya Vaun ‘Summer’

With her single receiving a huge push on social media, specifically TikTok. Vaun is now starting to get some light shed on her beautiful artistry and all she has to offer.

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