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Shawn Smith talks being a ‘Hope Dealer’

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Source: R1 / other

Shawn Smith grew up like a lot of us did in Philadelphia. Little money, very few resources, just love, friends, and family, and even that was hard to find sometimes. Formerly known as ‘Young Savage’, Smith had to navigate through all the obstacles and roadblocks in his music career that comes with living in Philadelphia, to be able to be in the position he is in today.


From a skinny kid freestyling in Philly, to being able to present his music to Jay-Z to ultimately be signed to Roc Nation, Smith always had to have one thing that money couldn’t buy… Hope.

His Newest project titled Hope Dealer was a testament to that mantra that he lives by everyday to keep afloat in the cold world, sink or swim.

“It’s a sink or swim mentality people gotta have to pull themselves out of whatever funk they in coming (from) the hood, because you don’t really see it physically” Smith said. “People didn’t have (hope) around, like you really needed somebody to give it to you — so I felt like I was the hope dealer that delivered that hope, on time, to get them to where they need to be”

Watch the full interview below!