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The Classic Beauty Studio

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I’m a Black woman with a passion for self-care and creative hairstyles. Upon relocating from Denver, CO, to Brooklyn, NY, it was my mission to find a salon that would speak to my need for creativity. After discovering Classic Beauty Studio in the heart of the city, I immediately felt at home. The salon provided a sanctuary for my hair care and skin care needs, offering everything from protective styles to personalized skin treatments.

About The Classic Beauty Studio

The Classic Beauty company has been operating for more than 15 years. It is a chain of salons owned by a Black family, with three distinct establishments that include a barbershop, beauty salon, and wellness beauty studio. The wellness studio, named Classic Beauty Studio, was created with the purpose of providing women of color with a luxurious beauty experience that employs a fresh and unique approach to clean beauty. The mission of Classic Beauty Studio is to offer transformative experiences to people of color and to promote self-care and wellness in a luxurious and ethically-driven setting.

Meet Kadeisha Placide, COO and Manager of Classic Beauty Studio in Bedstuy

The Classic Beauty Studio

Source: Courtesy of Kadeisha Placide / Courtesy of Kadeisha Placide

The most recent location of Classic Beauty Studio was established in 2018 in the trendy neighborhood of Bedstuy, Brooklyn. The salon is operated and managed by Kadeisha Placide, the daughter of the founder, and also serves as the COO. Placide joined the family business after completing her bachelor’s degree in Psychology and subsequently obtaining a cosmetology license from the renowned Aveda New York beauty and wellness institute.

At 23, Placide opened Classic Beauty Studio’s third location, which has become a well-known name in the industry, particularly for its innovative approach to clean beauty for women of color. Placide’s success has earned her recognition from prominent publications such as Essence Magazine, The CutNew York MagazinePopsugar, and Refinery29. And, she serves as a board member for the Business Improvement District in Brooklyn.

In addition to her current achievements, Placide intends to expand Classic Beauty Studio’s mission to include a broader range of self-care and wellness services. She aims to provide an inclusive and comprehensive wellness experience for women of color in the future.

Placide says, “We love catering to and pampering WOC, where there has been a gap in “slow living” and a “life of ease” for many years. We provide the space to decompress and incorporate mindfulness throughout the service. As a Black-owned/ woman-ran company, we understand the importance of creating these spaces where we can cater to our mental, emotional, and physical wellness without any guilt or judgment.”

Prioritizing luxury and top-notch care to people of color

What sets Classic Beauty Studio apart is its commitment to providing an unparalleled luxurious experience to individuals of color. The salon’s white and minimalist layout and its use of plant and flower-based aromatic products exemplify its dedication to promoting ethical and clean beauty standards for women of color.

Classic Beauty Studio

Source: courtesy of Kadeisha Placide / Courtesy of Kadeisha Placide

Classic Beauty Studio caters to individuals who value quality, comfort, and exceptional style. With a broad range of hair and skin care services, the salon aims to make luxury convenience for the on-the-go or working individual, filling a gap in the market that has existed for years. And unlike traditional salons that often prioritize either styling or customer experience and health, Classic Beauty Studio offers both in equal measure.

The Classic Beauty Studio

Source: Courtesy of Kadeisha Placide / Courtesy of Kadeisha Placide

“At Classic Beauty Studio, we are not your traditional salon experience. We offer a plethora of different beauty procedures and services, making us a beauty destination rather. With close attention to the health of the client, we offer a wide variety of natural & extension hair styling, facials, waxing, eyelash extensions, and makeup application,” the owner told HelloBeautiful.

She continued, “After countless talks behind the chair with women, we decided to bring these conversations to life in hopes of reaching and helping many others.”

Services and Initiatives

In June 2022, Classic Beauty Studio launched Women in Power, a wellness tribe designed for women of color to explore the evolving dimensions of womanhood. The movement offers a community-based experience for women to embrace self-care through affirmations, communal healing, and luxurious experiences. Women in Power events encompass a range of activities, including indulgent brunches, virtual panel discussions, interactive yoga sessions, and more. The mission is to inspire and facilitate healthy conversations about living a balanced and holistic lifestyle. This will enable women to experience ultimate pleasure and joy.

The Brooklyn-born beauty shared, “In July 2022, we launched our traveling service, Classic Travel—offering hair & makeup services to clients on-the-go worldwide. As traveling has become a new “self-care” priority for many, we saw a space to offer our services. We want to offer convenience for our audience, as we believe in soft living and ease.” 

Their services include occasions and events such as:

  • Destination Bridal Parties
  • Girls Group Trips/Content Creation Trips
  • Branding Photoshoots
  • Award Ceremonies/Red Carpets
  • Brand Events/Brunches
  • Commercial Shoot
  • Sponsored Social Content Shoots

Classic Beauty Studio also offers a lifestyle collection of branded merchandise named Shop Classic. The collection includes signature t-shirts, detangling curly brushes, self-care mugs, and sweatshirts. Customers can purchase these products in-store, through the Classic Beauty Studio website, or via Instagram.

The Classic Beauty Studio

Source: Courtesy of Kadeisha Placide / Courtesy of Kadeisha Placide

The Classic Beauty Studio

Source: Courtesy of Kadeisha Placide / Courtesy of Kadeisha Placide

The company plans to include hair extensions as well as hair and skin solutions in its shop. This will provide more options for customers to indulge in the Classic Beauty Studio experience.


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