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Our thoughts and prayers for Buffalo Bills’ safety Damar Hamlin have finally been answered. Hamlin has been discharged from intensive care at the University of Cincinnati Medical Center and will be transferred to a local hospital in Buffalo, New York where he will continue his recovery.

Last week, we witnessed an unprecedented play in which Damar Hamlin collapsed on the field after making a tackle. Unsure of his immediate medical condition, he was given CPR and escorted off the field to UC Medical center where he was diagnosed to have suffered from cardiac arrest.

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An overwhelming outpour of support came from our nation as players, politicians, actors, and activists all shared their support on social media wishing him well in his recovery process.

Hamlin also received a tremendous amount of financial support for his charity “The Chasing M’s Foundation” in which over 250,000 individual donors contributed to help raise over 8 million dollars in less than a week.

Damar gave us live updates from the hospital, tweeting in real-time as the Bills took on the New England Patriots in their final regular season game. In week 18, players all throughout the NFL constantly reminded viewers who they were doing it for; whether it be wearing the “Love for Damar” t-shirt, wearing his jersey pre-game, or simply holding up the number three after a big play, in support of their fellow freind Hamlin, in which he tweeted back to each and every player who showed their support.

Once Damar was cleared to be discharged from UC medical center, he took to social media to thank all his family, friends, and fans for the overwhelming amount of support he’s received while in treatment.

You can support his charity “The Chasing M’s Foundation” here: