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D4m Sloan x Millenial Christian RNB Philly 2022

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Philly rapper D4M $loan made one girl’s dream come true by crashing her West Philly prom send-off!

The ‘Drive Who Crazy‘ rapper shocked 18-year-old Nadirah Davis by showing up at her West Philly home in a decked-out Rolls Royce provided by Ali Baba’s Exotic Limousine Service.

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Davis, who initially did not have a prom date, revealed she was excited to see D4M $loan.

“I did not think one of my favorite rappers would come to anything of mine, let alone my prom,” said Davis.

D4m Sloan x Millenial Christian RNB Philly 2022

Source: R1 / other

$loan’s popularity skyrocketed after the release of his 2019 single, ‘Don’t Diss Me‘ featuring the late D4M Skiano. 

The rapper continues to rise to fame with his grizzly sound trailblazing as a staple in the Traprock x Jersey Club music wave. 

D4M $loan, whose real name is Sloan Morgan, grew up in West Philadelphia, where he attended Mastery Shoemaker High School before pursuing his career as a rapper.

“I didn’t get to go on my prom. I performed for my school that year instead,” said the 21-year-old rapper.

$loan surprised Davis for this year’s Ultimate Prom Hook-up contest, where she also received a complete prom makeover.

On-air personality, Millenial Christian teamed up with Philly Fashion designer Marquette and Nbeauty Inc. salon to provide her with a custom-made gown, hair, and make-up for her big night. 

Sooo Delicious Soul food Cafe and Chick-a-Boom are some other local businesses that contributed to Davis’ prom makeover. 

“Philly loves prom season. We wanted to do something that gave back in a fun way and thought, what better way to do that than by providing one lucky senior with a prom makeover? Nadirah is a great kid! She deserves it,” said Millennial Christian.

Davis, who received over 17 university acceptances, looks to pursue a degree in Nursing at Delaware State University this fall.

Check out Nadirah’s full prom recap below.