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It’s looking like Saweetie and Lil baby’s dating rumors may be true, and it has everyone on social media going crazy, including Saweetie’s ex, Quavo.

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The Icy rapper recently posted and deleted a photo on Instagram sitting on a man’s lap with the caption, “Icy Dump.”

While the picture did not show anyone’s face, fans couldn’t help but notice that the man seemed to be wearing the same outfit as Lil Baby.

Neither of the rappers has directly addressed dating rumors since the incident, but that hasn’t stopped the internet from going crazy.

Someone else caught reacting to the news over the weekend was Saweetie’s ex, Quavo.

The 30-year-old rapper took to Instagram posting a message saying, “Ain’t tripping. We can swap it out #QCthelabel,” which was later liked by Lil Baby’s ex, Jayda Cheaves.

Saweetie and Lil Baby’s dating rumors are super messy seeing as Quavo and Lil Baby are label mates who had rumors of beefing in the past.

Earlier in 2020, rumors began to swirl that Lil Baby’s crew allegedly jumped Migos member Offset, to which Lil Baby adamantly denied.

Hopefully, these dating rumors do not cause things to get messy in Atlanta.