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Dana Chanel, CLEO Speaks

Source: CLEO Speaks / CLEO TV

The Pennsylvania Attorney General’s office is suing Dana Chanel who allegedly scammed Black owned businesses out of thousands of dollars for false promised services.

Along with the many scamming allegations, it doesn’t help that Dana Chanel isn’t even her real name. Her legal name is Casey Olivera and she has bee accused of taking people’s money, misleading consumers and failing to deliver promised goods and services.

People Speak Out On Being SCAMMED by Dana Chanel [Videos]

Dana Chanel has almost 800K followers on Instagram, where she promotes her other businesses including beauty brand Curlbible and Christian mobile app, Sprinkle of Jesus. She also posts content of her husband, Prince Donnell who is also accused of scamming people.

 Pennsylvania Attorney General Josh Shapiro said, “She advertised the products of her companies as a way for other black small business owners to achieve what she did. Then, she ripped off the same community she claimed to care about.”

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