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Saweetie and Quavo

Source: Pari Dukovic / Pari Dukovic/ GQ

Rumors started swirling that Saweetie and Quavo may have been spending time together in New York.

As reported by Complex, “In the report, originally shared Monday, a “source” alleged that the former couple had “recently reconnected” while in New York despite such a thing being none of anyone’s business. This “source” further alleged that a reconciliation wouldn’t be a surprise”.

It was not far-fetched seeing as both parties were in New York for HOT 97’s Summer Jam.

Saweetie has taken to Twitter to let it be known the rumor is not true.

Don’t forget, back in March, Saweetie tweeted that she had “endured too much betrayal and hurt behind the scenes.”

She retweeted an article about the couple and wrote, pinocchio a** article. Anyways back to this #saweetiemeal.