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Dark Lo is the latest rapper that the justice system has made an example of as he’s just been given a seven-year sentence to prison for witness intimidation.


Complex is reporting that the “Missing Summers” rapper will be missing more than the next few summers after pleading guilty to one count of witness intimidation in a federal drug case a few months back.

“The 39-year-old artist admitted to writing a letter to Dontez “Taz” Stewart, a government informant who testified against Abdul “AR-Ab” West. AR-Ab, who co-founded Original Block Hustlaz with Dark Lo, received a 45-year prison sentence back in April for allegedly running a drug trafficking ring that was linked to multiple murders.”

Philly Rapper, AR-Ab Sentenced to 45 Years In Prison

Apparently Lo sent said letter to Dontez Stewart on the eve of his testimony under his alias “Ron Harvey” and wrote Stewart that he’d get shanked in prison if he went through with his testimony. To make matters worse, Dark Lo (Charles Salley) even allegedly threaten Stewart’s girlfriend in the letter he sent.

That was enough to get prosecutors a guilty plea from the rapper and send him away for his transgressions. Lo for his part maintains that he wasn’t trying to intimidate Stewart, but was simply trying to warn him of the consequences of snitching in court.

“Imagine agreeing to be a federal witness against members of a violent drug gang and the day before you take the stand, one of their buddies threatens you and yours,” Michael J. Driscoll, Special Agent in Charge of the FBI’s Philadelphia Division, said in a press release. “This is exactly the type of thing our witness tampering laws are designed to prevent, as our justice system depends on witnesses being willing to share what they know. The FBI simply will not permit them to be targeted like this, in an attempt to subvert the rule of law. Charles Salley was hoping to keep his OBH associates out of prison. Instead, he finds himself behind bars as well, for quite some time.”

Well, we can see the situations from both sides. Sure it seems like a threatening letter, but it can also be viewed as a warning. We’re not judging around these parts, but prosecutors got their W and now Dark Lo’s going to have a few years to think about how it all went wrong.


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