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Lil Baby Performs LIVE in St. Louis [PHOTOS]

Source: Justin Carter / Hot 104.1

Lil Baby spoke out on his arrest during Paris Fashion Week. Authorities found 20 grams of marijuana in the glove compartment of the car he was in.

Baby was with NBA basketball star James Harden at the time of his arrest. Harden was immediately released while Lil Baby was released the following day.

“Man, I’m talking like the whole world’s texting me. I mean DMing me and s**t. But I’m like, ‘I know y’all see me going to jail.’ They like, ‘You good?’ Like nah n***a, I’m not good! I’m in this b***h tripping. I went to jail a lot of times, right? But they speak English. So this like my first time going to jail and I’m like a kid. Like, I felt like a real kid,” Lil Baby says recalling the event.

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