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Source: Bernard Smalls / @PhotosByBeanz83

If y’all thought Nike was done suing people for customizing their classic kicks, think again.


After taking Lil Nas X and Warren Lotas to court over their remixes of some of their timeless silhouettes, Nike has now filed a lawsuit against Customs By Ilene, Inc a.k.a Drip Creationz for daring to re-imagine some Air Force 1’s. According to TFL, Nike has slapped a trademark infringement suit against CBI for profiting off of “knockoff Air Force 1-style shoes that it refers to as ‘D1’ shoes.”

Not only did Nike dismiss the customs as knockoffs, but even criticized the designs saying “crooked proportions, messy stitching, cheap details, and [are] taller than the real Air Force 1 shoes.”

Talk about sh*tting on someone else’s artwork. Nike out here just offending people’s hard work. Still, while it seems like Nike is trying to take away people’s artistic freedom when it comes to their product, they try to explain that’s not their goal and simply don’t want people getting dupped into thinking these are official Nike products and turning a profit on their name.

“Nike claims that “it has no desire to limit the individual expression of creatives and artisans, many of whom are some of Nike’s biggest fans.” At the same time, though, it says that it “cannot allow ‘customizers’ like Drip Creationz to build a business on the backs of its most iconic trademarks, undermining the value of those marks and the message they convey to consumers.”

Um, ok.

While Nike can say they don’t want to keep people from creating their own remixed versions of these Nike sneakers, these lawsuits will almost certainly make people think twice before trying to create new and exciting custom colorways and designs of some of Nike’s hottest kicks. If only Nike put this much effort into keeping bots off their app…

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