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Game and his Father

Source: losangelesconfidential / Instagram

The Game unleashed a six-minute video about the amount of “disrespect” he received on Father’s Day. The Game said only his oldest son, Harlem, was the only one to buy him gifts, “within his budget” for Father’s Day.

The Game went on to say that he’s “done a lot for people” and he believes he’s been a good dad to his kids but doesn’t feel he was shown the love he deserves on his special day.

Long story short, The Game says he’s done with doing for others and getting nothing in return, “If you’re in my life and you’ve been close to me and I’ve done what I’ve done for you and I’ve taken care of you and I’ve looked out for you over the years and you know that you didn’t show up for Father’s Day with any type of appreciation…Today is the day I cut you off.”