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Ben Simmons’ older sister, Olivia Simmons accuses their half-brother, Sean of molesting her at a young age.

Olivia Simmons, who is now a 29-year-old

mother and basketball coach of Melbourne Australia claims that she suffers PTSD and that her own mother wouldn’t even believe her.

Olivia said her half-brother, Sean Tribe, 35, began abusing her when she was 3 years old and continued molesting her for years. Simmons opened up about the situation on Twitter and said:

“At the end of the day I was molested by my half brother for years from age 3. I’ve been asking for therapy by my family would rather sweep it under the rug because it could damage my brothers [sic] brand. I’m over hiding.”

A Tik Toker takes to TikTok and summarizes the situation:

In response to Simmons’ molestation claims, half-brother Sean Tribe posted a statement he said was from the family’s lawyer.

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