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MoneyBagg Yo

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Moneybagg Yo sat down with Gillie and Wallo on the Million Dollaz Worth of Game Podcast discussing coming up in the game and being the CEO of his up-and-coming record label Bread Gang. 

“So when the movie coming out?” Wallo asked.

“How you know about that?” Moneybagg mumbled.

“Prolly March, April – It’s gon f*** a lot of people up. – I’m ready to show them this (acting skills).”

The idea to act originated from his fans mimicking his look alike, Reggie Hayes, also known as William, from the sitcom Girlfriends.

Many rappers find struggle staying afloat and finding a new career path after their rap career ends. Moneybagg seemed to follow his fans advice and get a head-start on the career they would like to see him flourish in next.

”They really told me (what to do next). — They was already putting me in the lil memes saying damn, he look like Will. So I said guess what? I’ma take this and go make some money off this” Moneybagg joked.

He went through with his word, making a cameo dressed as William Dent himself in his latest music video “Time Today”

Moneybagg Yo did not give too much information regarding details of his upcoming film.

“I shot it as a whole movie, but I’ma chop it up into episodes” Moneybagg said. Just like hit series “Power,” “It’s broke down, to keep the suspense – 6 episodes – see how they react” Moneybagg explained.

Halfway through March with no announcement, we could either expect this Moneybagg featured series either next month or next year.