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No I’m not the guy with a boatload of stats… I’m not that analytics/data-driven dude… I go by what I see and feel with my naked eye.And everything I see and sense tells me the Sixers are on a roll. 6 and 1 — After a 118 – 101 win and the best record in the NBA and blowing out teams, like the Charlotte hornets back to back, like they’re supposed too, getting good spacing, everyone getting involved, and even clearing the bench while doing it. Stands to reason and ask the question:


Remember the spike lee/Michael Jordan commercial, when “Jordan’s” (the sneakers) first came out? Spike Lee’s character from “she’s gotta have it” Mars Blackman kept asking Jordan how was it that he was playing so well? It was Nikes first big campaign ad and the question was asked: “is it the shoes? — Homie it’s got to be the shoes!”

Well, that’s the question being asked right now around the city. Was it/ is it the coach? Homie it’s gotta coach?!

Let’s go back, shall we? When the entire “trust the process“ strategy began, former Sixer Coach Brett Brown was hired to lose on purpose “tank” for the purpose of achieving new young talent and draft picks. Then when said talent and draft picks and talent began to get better and turn things around, he was then expected to win! Just like that!

With some of the same people, he was using to help loose. Yeah… Sounds like the better side of failure just waiting to happen, doesn’t it? Of course, hindsight being 2020 (damn, promised not to mention that year again) — We all know what happens. So. After the organization realized what so many others already did, they pulled the trigger and bring in season veteran Coach Glenn “Doc” Rivers to turn things around.

Rivers as you know: Drafted by the Atlanta Hawks as a player in the second round, (known for defense ) had a storied NBA career which included a 1988 all-star appearance., Rivers never won a title as a player but did as a coach with the Boston Celtics. Later he would fail to get to the finals with a talented Los Angeles Clippers team that everyone said would be the new kings of LA.

In between Coach Glenn Doc Rivers has gone through practically every up and down, ebb and flow, high and low, a coach and executive and former NBA commentator could go through and experience including scandal, awards, and Firsts. Like being the first coach to coach his own son, Austin Rivers, in the NBA.

In other words, you can’t get more experienced than Glenn doc Rivers.  And it looks right now like experience counts. Last night led by Tobias Harris 22 points followed by Joel Embiid and Danny Green, who seems to had found his stroke again, each had 13 a d 14 points respectively in what can only be called a balanced attack.

the 76ers put seven players in double figures and every player on the team including the bench got in the game. — it was noted by many commentators, fans, and critics that in the past games like this would’ve turned out much differently. When the Sixers take a big lead most of the time they would lose it and spend the entire game either defending it or coming back from it to win after trailing. Not this time.

This time the things that would normally happen, don’t happen. When Joel Embiid is taken out of the game, he doesn’t stay out long. Ben Simmons is driving to the basket more aggressively like he said he would. Notably, Tobias Harris is doing the same leading the Sixers in scoring and being named NBA Player of the Week.

The brightest surprise of course is rookie Tyrese Maxey who scored a personal high 11 points including 2 of 3 from the 3 point stripe.

Yeah, there is a different feel about this team. Different atmosphere. You can see it on the player’s faces and you can hear it in their voices. If there were no pandemic right now the Wells Fargo Center would be rocking with fans screaming and dancing in the stands.

However… Because of the pandemic games are more frequent. Including a season that started earlier than normal after just ending only a few months ago. So it doesn’t take long before you’re watching another game and feeling the same way. And right now during the pandemic, it’s a great feeling to have. I blame the coach.

Now it’s still early and the true test is how they perform against the other beast in the East and the West. But there’s a feeling of optimism we haven’t had around here before. Yeah… I blame the coach…Yeah, homie… It’s got to be the coach!

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