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Boosie Says ‘I’m Not Doing That Good’ After Suffering Complications From Gunshot Wounds

Boosie could use your thoughts and prayers and a couple hundred dollars from you, if possible.

As you know Boosie was shot in Dallas, TX last Saturday (Nov. 14) on his 38th birthday.

Since being shot in the leg, Boosie has been having a hard time recovering. The ‘Set it Off’ rapper posted a message on his new IG page:

“Yes I’m not doing that good I have a short amount of time to find a specialist doctor who’s work on fixing body parts, that cost hundreds of thousands…”

He said considering the cost he’ll have to pay, he’s charging $500 for promos.


Boosie’s manager  confirms that despite having issues after the shooting, Boosie’s leg isn’t getting amputated.  Despite all of the conflicting reports regarding his condition, we hear that he successfully underwent surgery and is home recovering.

Fresh Prince Of Bel Air

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Fresh Prince Reunion Special Allowed Original Aunt Vivian to Set the record Straight!

The Fresh Prince Reunion special went down yesterday on #HBOMax and the entire cast reunited to spill tea on what really went down during and after the success of the show.

The original Aunt Vivian we fell in love with, Janet Hubert, finally got a chance to share how she felt about being called ‘difficult’ by her former cast members and how it scarred her career. She also shared never before details about her personal life, abusive marriage and more!

She told Will Smith:

“What you didn’t realize either was I was going through a lot at home. You didn’t know. Very abusive marriage.”

She said she parted ways with the show after she was “offered a bad deal.”

“They said, ‘You’ve got two months and two weeks of work and you cannot work anywhere else.’ So that meant my salary was cut. I had a new baby and a husband who was out of work. So I said no. I did not accept their offer. I was never fired. So the misconception was always put out there. I was trapped. What could I do? So they said, ‘Okay, then we’re going to recast your role.’ And I said, ‘What can I say?’ I was hurt deeply, deeply.”

The #FreshPrinceReunion is now streaming on #HBOMax.


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