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According to the internet, SZA has unfollowed the Champagne Papi on Twitter and his track with 21 Savage may be the reason why.

On “Mr. Right Now” Drake says he used to date SZA “back in ‘08.”

“Turn your phone off, take your clothes off/I’m a sav’, but I fuck her to a slow song,” raps the Toronto native to begin his portion of the song. Later on, he admits his SZA love with a few choice lyrics. “Yeah, said she wanna fuck to some SZA, wait/’Cause I used to date SZA back in ’08,” he sings.

So what’s tea Drake? Is it true? Are you kissing and telling?

Looks like SZA wasn’t amused at all because according to the internet she’s no longer following the Champagne Papi on the ‘Gram.

She did post for us to get out of her business though. Meanwhile, Black Twitter is doing the math and uhm, SZA was about 18,19 yeard old back in ‘08 which would’ve made Drake 22 years old at the time. Or is all of this for shock value and bars? Either way, bump that new 21 Savage Save Mode II project because it’s fire.

Master P Adds ‘Hoody Hoos’ Cereal To His Food Product Line

Master P has been adding new yummy products to his food industry all year and it’s only getting better! For the cereal lovers, check out Uncle P’s all-new “Hoody Hoo’s!”

The 53-year-old rapper turned business mogul posted a photo of himself holding his new cereal boxes with the caption,

“Hoody hoo cereal. Started from the bottom now we here. They can’t beat us so they might as well join us, cause they not gonna stop us. we making history! The first hiphop cereal owned and produced by us #GoodisGood @unclepcereal We changing the game! The more we make, the more we give #UncleP #PJfoods”

I don’t know about you but we are definitely trying to get our hands on some of these #HoodyHoos!


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