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Ahmaud Arbery

Source: Handout / Ahmaud Arbery

LeBron James posted a photo of Ahmaud Arberry to his 63 million followers on Instagram.

Ahmaud was a black man who was jogging when he was shot and killed by two white men in February who said they were making a citizens arrest.

The video recently made its way on social media which has many questioning the police department as the two men have never been arrested.

LeBron captioned the photo, we’re literally hunted everyday/every time we step outside the comfort of our homes. Can’t even go for a damn jog.

Many people like Snoop Dogg, Jamie Foxx, DL Hughley commended him for taking a stand.

The post has over 28,000 comments and took various twists and turns.

Some questioned his use of the term “we.”

Some wanted him to shut and be an athlete.

Some claimed that white people are just as much victims of hate crimes as black people are.