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Over the past couple of years, Black artists have been pulling back from holding so-called “prestigious” awards to such a high a regard — especially when it comes to the Grammys.

There’s a running joke (which is also a high key truth) that the Grammys are far removed from the culture and what’s considered worthy of taking home a trophy. Even this year’s show when Cardi B took home the award for Best Rap Album, folks were saying that the Grammys were just trying to prove that they know what’s hip and cool amongst the people.

Earlier this year, Crooked Media co-host Louis Vertel shared a photo of legends PJ Harvey, Björk and Tori Amos and it noted that the singers have zero Grammy Awards between them. The photo went viral and caused quite a star for 90’s pop/rock fans on social media.

That got me thinking about all the hip hop stars that have broken barriers and blessed us with classic tunes over the years who’ve never gotten a Grammy Award.

Grant it, it doesn’t take away from their catalogue and legacy, but it’s still pretty shocking that the Academy of MUSIC hasn’t given them their props.

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