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Kylie Jenner and Tyga go to Game nightclub after attending Alexander Wang in NYC

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Recently, Kylie Jenner made headlines everywhere for allegedly being spotted with ex Tyga shortly after calling it quits with Travis Scott.

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While Jenner denies rumors of linking with the 29-year-old  Rack City rapper during a late-night studio session, the trending topic has sparked a much larger debate when it comes to dating.

Is it ever okay to date an ex again?

Although a lot of us like to complicate the matter, the answer to this question is quite simple — no.

We can all be a little hopeless romantic when aspiring towards a happy-ever-after love like the ones from our favorite rom-coms.

However, we often tend to forget, when it comes to great movies, most of the time the sequel sucks!

Studies have shown that 50 percent of adults who reconcile with an ex are prone to experiencing behavioral patterns that involve cycling through the same relationship drama. Yikes!

We’re not saying that things can never work with an ex, just be  beware of all possible outcomes.

Here’s what the hosts of Twenty-Something had to say when it comes to revisiting the idea of dating an old flame.

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