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Source: Justin Sullivan / Getty

Steve Jobs was always ahead of the curve when it came to technology and software.

Before we all started using the term “Genius” so loosely, Steve Jobs was it.  On this day in 2011, we lost the technological pioneer to cancer, but his spirit far sustains what his physical life did. Fans, friends and family of Jobs took to the Apple site over the week to remember the late legend.


I don’t want to be redundant and repeat how great he was as an innovator and how he was a visionary. I prefer to think of the impact he had on so many lives, and the reactions to his passing bear that out. So many people that are so sad that it’s more like losing a friend than an employer or pioneer of technology.

Anonymous Chris:

Today is a sad day. The world has lost a great visionary, a company and its employees have lost a leader, and a family has lost a husband and father. Although we never met, I feel like Steve Jobs was my friend.

Everyone that knew Steve knew that he was a visionary, but in 1995, his foreshadowing of what the world wide web would mean for the future of society was eerily spot on.

As the old Jonathan Swift saying goes, “Vision is the art of seeing things invisible.” Ironically enough, we’re living out Steve’s vision in the present as we’re watching him speak about it in the future.  Trippy, right?

Rest In Peace, Mr. Jobs.



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