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Chris Brown Hits Charlotte for The “Party” Tour

Source: Glenn Parsons / Glenn Parsons

Chris Brown fans are confused with his new ink. The “Indiogoat Tour” kicked off in Portland, Oregan last night (August 22nd) and fans noticed that Brown had gotten a shoe tattoo on the side of his cheek.

Brown hit the stage with the new ink accompanied by a new hot pink and purple hairdo, fans were confused by Chris’ new look tweeting, “I’m officially done with Chris Brown. Had a long run but time to move. I could handle him having a baby on me but not the face tattoo. We’re two different people now I guess.”

“Did Chris Brown really get a face tattoo of a sneaker?…” tweeted another fan. Brown hasn’t given an explanation about the new tat, however, you can get an up-close and personal look at it when the “Indiogoat Tour” comes to your city.