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Deion w/ Bryan-Michael Cox

Source: Deion Allen / Deion Allen

On this episode of Welcome to D.A. World, we sit down with 9-time Grammy award winner Bryan-Michael Cox. We talk about his early uprising, pivotal points in his music career, and what’s next on the horizon for him!
Picking up the piano at just six years of age, and creating his first musical piece at just nine-years-old, Cox has always been a musical mastermind. Fast forward to his current status as a musician, he is a nine-time grammy winner eager for more. He tells us that he owes all his success to his mother who made many sacrifices for him to be where he is at today.

Cox speaks on his relationship with Beyoncé, from meeting her in his school to producing music for Destiny’s Child. He touches on Ideal, the short lived male R&B group in which he composed for and had contributions in two of their hit songs “Get Gone” and “Creep Inn”.

From Mariah Carey, Mary J. Blidge, Chris Brown to Kehlani, are just a few other stars he’s worked with, and describes their talent and memorable moments he’s had with them. He talks about songs that he’s done that he believed should’ve had more success than they did, along with the songs that he did not expect to get the buzz they eventually did.

He also talks about artists collaborations that he had the opportunity to execute on (Anita Baker & the late great Nipsey Hussle) as well as songs that blew up that almost didn’t happen!

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