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Jada Pinkett Smith/Lena James

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August Alsina was a guest on Jada Pinkett Smith’s Red Table Talk where he opened up about his struggle with addiction. He is also a family friend.

He recently did a cover of Kehlani’s song, “Nunya” and made a video for it.

The video is of a text conversation between August and a woman named, “Koren.” This is where the conspiracy theorists got started. Koren is Jada’s middle name.

Clue #2 is the lyric, your just an actress putting on a show.” Jada is an actress most recently in the movie, Girl’s Trip.

Clue #3 is a GIF of Jada Pinkett-Smith that appears on the screen.

One theory is that Jada is in on it and allowed him to use her image to stir up controversy to promote the song. The other theory is that August and Jada may have a “thing.” Or perhaps August is smitten?