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Tory Lanez

Source: Shun Atkins / Radio One

Tory Lanez is calling out folks to see what kind of skills they have. After going back and forth with Joyner Lucas, Lanez has his sights set on Pusha T.

On Instagram Live, Lanez said, I want to go at it with the spittas, with the n—as who be doin’ it. The n—as who got that side of it.” When someone mentioned Pusha T, that’s when he went in.

Lanez said, “Ain’t none of these n—as humbling me down. I’m not even cocky, I just believe at the end of the day, ain’t no n—a fucking with me period. And that’s how I’m supposed to feel.”

He continued, “So, let Pusha-T know…and if Pusha-T don’t want it and he can’t respond, y’all just need to give me his spot and wherever you solidify him in the hip-hop game. Wherever you solidify him, that’s the spot you need to give me.”