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Source: Arturo Holmes (@Artugraphiq) / Arturo Holmes (@Artugraphiq)

You ever wonder why some parents aren’t too lenient with their kids when they go out in public places?


Well, one Kansas family is proof that kids need lots of attention and parental guidance while out in public spaces that aren’t usually suitable for kids — like museums.


Security camera footage from May shows a 5-year old boy, who seems to be wandering around alone, hugging, dropping and breaking an art sculpture from the mosaic worth $132,000.


The boy’s mom, Sarah Goodman, told reporters that since the piece was unprotected, she was “stunned” to receive a letter from Travelers insurance company stating the value of the piece and requesting her insurance information.


The Aphrodite Di artwork, described as “glass with miniature brick”, wasn’t barricaded or closed off at all — which is like an open invitation for children to touch. So should the parents have to pay up?

Mom Sarah sure doesn’t think so. She told reporters: No one would ever to expect that to come into a place that kids are invited and have to worry about a $132,000 dollar piece of art falling on their child,” Goodman said. “Because he didn’t maliciously break that. It fell on him. It was not secure, it was not safe — at all.”


But get this — according to Overland Park communications manager Sean Reilly, if the Goodman family doesn’t pay up, then taxpayers will have to.


He told reporters: “We are NOT seeking payment from the family. Our carrier is simply wanting to contact their insurance provider. If we do not seek payment from their carrier, taxpayers’ money will be used to compensate the artist.”


The Goodman family is now waiting to see how their Insurance Company handles the issue. Would you pay the $132K? Hit us up on Facebook and Twitter to share your thoughts.


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