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Joe Budden

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Earlier this week Cardi B addressed an unnamed female whom “she said never liked her before her success but all of a sudden wants to be her friend.”

Cardi B told the crowd:

“You know this b*tch,” “She never f***ing liked me. And all of a sudden she wants to be friends with me. No, b**ch. I still don’t like you, b**ch.” Some folks in hip hop like Joe Budden is saying that Cardi B is talking about Nicki Minaj. Cardi later took to Twitter to share her feelings on what she said on stage. “I know they mad that I made all this money I made all my b**ches is laced #mood,”

After Cardi’s rant you know fans started speculating and somehow people came to the conclusion Cardi was speaking on Nicki Minaj. Well Nicki Minaj was not for the hype as she too to twitter.

Now I know you are trying to figure out how Joe Budden got involved, but on everyday struggle, Joe isn’t convinced that these ladies aren’t feuding, but here’s his thoughts:

Now Joe does have a point,but I want to know your thoughts?

Source: dancehallhiphop.com