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It seems like Nicki Minaj and Drake are trying to rekindle a possible romance between each other?

Nicki showed love to Drake at his appearance at Story nightclub in Miami last weekend. The two were spotted in a back an alley before leaving together afterwards.

An insider shared exclusively with HollywoodLife stating, “Nicki & Drake have liked each other more than just friends in the past but most of their flirting nowadays is done because they know that people will talk about it and it puts them in the news.”

The two weren’t only spotted together after Drake’s show but, also were photographed the next day as well. They were seen sneaking up a staircase together and looked sooo guilty. You know what, I’m here for it! Drake has always had love for Nicki and the two seem destined to be together.

“It is mostly business-related flirting. Because shortly after they flirt with each other, it’s not a coincidence that a song or an album or something will be released soon thereafter. They consciously use each other for their own advantage. All the way to the bank!”