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Power keeps getting better every Sunday night and after last night’s episode Kanan is a fan favorite again.

Ghost and Kanan, once partners, reunited again on last night’s episode titled “New Man.” Leading up to this reunion though lines were crossed and people were killed. The episode started with Ghost feeling what a clean shower feels like and how much he missed wearing a suit. After he’s dressed and talks to Tasha briefly, he heads to Truth night club. The good moment ended quick once Simon busted Ghost’s bubble and says that Tasha borrowed a large amount of money from him without Ghost’s knowledge.

Shortly after this aftermath, Ghost blows up on Tasha and she was like hold up sir and brings up his relationship with Angela. The episode gets juicer as Julio is killed, after almost making it out and Tommy is almost killed as well (saved by Milan’s wife).

Not going to spoil the entire episode but, the ending is amazing. Kanan tells the Tariq his real identity and ends up saving his life at the end. Make sure you catch up on Power if you haven’t watched it yet because, you don’t want to miss this one or the next episode!