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Once upon a time there was a man who went to a Goodwill store in Washington State, excited to embark on his good deed for the day and donate items for those who either can’t afford high prices or need a donated coat for the winter.

As Goodwill workers often discover odds and ends when sorting through donations, at times they recover cash left in the pockets of pants and bags, but rarely was anything found in such high volume as was in the city of Monroe, Washington.

Employees at the Washington Goodwill center were sorting through donations earlier this week, when they came upon a cooler containing:

60 ounces of marijuana.

“This is a reminder to check your purse, pockets, or cooler to make sure you’re donating the items you mean to,” Goodwill spokesperson Katherine Boury said following the incident.

Well…whoever left the five large bags containing drugs instead of hats, scarves and old books, would have been arrested and charged with anything from possession of a controlled substance to trafficking, and most certainly prosecuted if they were busted with it in their possession, despite the attempt of a good deed.

According to authorities who’ve attempted to track the cooler’s owner down, many have suggested that the donation might have been theirs, but none have come forward with the admission.

Point is: f-outta-here *Ed Lover voice* to the idiot who can’t smoke pot in his home since he left the WRONG COOLER at Goodwill. Do better, whoever you are.

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