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After months of ignoring the concerns of African-American voters, and using inflammatory and racially charged rhetoric to reference minorities, Donald Trump decided late in the 2016 presidential campaign to court the Black vote with no true policy initiative and more offensive rhetoric.

Then suddenly, just before naming Steve Bannon, a member of the alt-right, as his administration’s chief strategist, details of Trump’s plan for “The African-Americans” emerged.

The 10-point plan, dubbed “Donald J. Trump’s New Deal For Black America,” detailed a number of what we can assume is part of the President-elect’s policy initiative to be the president for all Americans. reported, “Given Trump’s decades-long history of expressions of racism and allegations of racial discrimination, it’s unsurprising the document is both bursting with stereotypes and lacking in substance.”

Upon further review of Trump’s “New Deal for Black Americans,” it would appear as though his once elusive plan for African-Americans is “a list of cursory declarations about a set of Trump’s previously stated views, lazily pitched to a Black audience.”

A list of the ten bullet points detailed in Trump’s plan include:

  • Great Education Through School Choice
  • Safe Communities
  • Equal Justice Under the Law
  • Tax Reforms to Create Jobs and Lift up People and Communities
  • Financial Reforms to Expand Credit to Support New Job Creation
  • Trade That Works for American Workers
  • Protection from Illegal Immigration
  • New Infrastructure Investment
  • Protect the African-American Church
  • America First Foreign Policy



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