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Kanye West Performs in Washington, D.C. on the Saint Pablo Tour

Source: The Washington Post / Getty

I miss the old Kanye. No, like, I really really miss the old Kanye West. In his latest rant, Kanye gave a political speech telling Black people to stop focusing on racism and that if he’d voted, he would have voted for Donald Trump.

He stopped his Saint Pablo show in San Jose, California to give a speech for nearly 25 minutes, saying things like, “Rappers are philosophers of our now…Celebrities are the influencers of our now, just look at the president, he wasn’t in politics and won.”

He eventually dropped the bomb.

Yeezy then clarified his statements, saying, “That don’t mean that I don’t think that black lives matter. That don’t mean that I don’t believe in women’s rights. That don’t mean that I don’t mean in gay marriage. That don’t mean that I don’t believe in these things because that’s the guy that I wanted to vote for.”

He continued: “Stop focusing on racism. This world is racist, okay? Let’s stop being distracted to focus on that as much. It’s just a fucking fact. We are in a racist country. Period.”

What do you think of Kanye’s comments; do you think this places him as the frontrunner for the presidential race in 2020?

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