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Will Smith

Will Smith traded his usual date, wife Jada Pinkett, for their son Jaden Smith at the premiere of Suicide Squad last night.

The movie star revealed that this role is the first in which his kids see him as “cool for real,” and dished on how the long hours of shooting typically required for films inspired him to create a relaxed space that he calls “Willieville.” Smith imagines it as a place where everyone feels comfortable.

He told PEOPLE, “Willieville is whenever you’re on a set, especially for these size movies, you can be 16-18 hours working on the movie so I wanted to create a place where the actors could sit and have fun and be comfortable as much as you could try to create the comforts of home, that’s what I was trying to do.”

Maybe Willieville is the secret to Smith’s string of box office hit films. Suicide Squad is in theaters on August 5th.


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