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Thanks to Black Twitter, over the past few days our favorite animated aardvark has hilariously stormed the Internet.

Using screenshots of scenes from the PBS cartoon Arthur, your cousins used everything from pop culture references, hip-hop lyrics, trifling scenarios and even black childhood experiences to create one of the most hilarious trending memes we’ve seen in a minute. Here’s 11 of our favorite #ArthurMemes:

1.) Mama is not the one

2.) When you play me, you play yourself

3.) You better sang girl!

4.) Shut that noise

5.) Now see!

6.) Sorry, not sorry

7.) Meet the REAL me

8.) Bruh, if I can’t have you, no one else can!

9.) LOL

10.) But for real though

11.) I triple dog dare you to try…

Poor Arthur. Well, he definitely had something to say about all this:

But hey, in these tumultuous times, who couldn’t use a hilarious distraction from reality?

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