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The last few weeks have been extremely emotional for America with all the police brutality and mass shootings going on in different cities. When unarmed citizens are killed by authority and innocent lives are taken it leaves people emotionally overwhelmed feeling afraid, sad, frustrated and confused. Meanwhile, you ‘re left wondering how to process your emotions & go on with your daily lives after hearing about these tragic events. Some helpful ways to lift your spirits can include: taking a walk to clear your mind, unplugging from the internet for a while, reading a book, exercising, listening to music or a positive conversation with a friend.

Here’s a playlist of songs that will bring you some comfort during these tough times.

1 . Nas ft. Lauryn Hill- If I Ruled The World

2. J. Cole- Love Yourz

3. Kanye West- Heard ‘Em Say

4. 2pac- Changes

5. Kendrick Lamar- Alright

6. Common- The People

7. Talib Kweli- Get By

8. Isaiah Rashad ft. SZA- Ronnie Drake

9. Mos Def- Umi Says

10. The Internet- Penthouse Clouds