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Derek Jeter and President Obama conversation players tribune

Derek Jeter‘s The Players’ Tribune has made major strides since its birth in 2014. And now it consistently brings forth strong content of athletes reflecting on their thoughts.

Jeter may have just landed his strongest contributor to date: President Obama. Rather than interview Obama with questions, Jeter decided to have a candid conversation with him instead:

Earlier this month, I had the incredible opportunity to sit down for a conversation with President Obama at the White House in the Roosevelt Room. This isn’t an interview, and it’s not about politics. I simply wanted to share our perspectives on a few things that are meaningful to both of us,” Jeter writes.

The eight-minute conversation covered a few topics, including their childhoods. Obama reminisces on being a husky kid, a smart aleck, and getting away with his charm instead of doing well in school. His role models growing up included Julius “Dr. J” Irving, Walt Frazier, and even Shaft.

The former Yankees shortstop jokes about Obama’s father, who played college baseball, showing him his newspaper clippings and how he used to wonder if he’d ever have as many as his old man.

Watch the rest of the interview below to find out what advice President Obama and Jeter would give their younger selves.

SOURCE: The Players’ Tribune | VIDEO CREDIT: YouTube | PHOTO CREDIT: Maureen Cavanagh/The Players’ Tribune

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