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If you don’t have a subscription with Tidal or follow the southern rapper on social media, there’s a chance you may have missed the announcement last night from T.I. and his latest deal with Tidal.

Last nights video surfaced with a performance from TI. with other guests like Young Thug joining him on the stage.

Along with the announcement, Tidal will feature a three-day stream of his latest single Money Talks off his forthcoming project Time Hop.

T.I. will always be a mega force when it comes to his accomplishments and impact in hip-hop, but it seems the last few albums & singles haven’t really had that “TI” feel to them, (All About The Money, No Mediocre).

Only time will tell how this deal with Tidal will impact the rest of T.I.’s career. It seemed to really help Kanye, but on the other hand, not so much for Wayne.


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