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Lawsuit Filed Against NY Principal Over Racist And Sexist Tweets

A series of tweets written by Riverhead Charter School principal, Raymond Ankrum are being used as evidence in a discrimination lawsuit. Ankrum, who’s run the Long Island school since 2012 is being accused of firing several Caucasian teachers over the age of 40 and replacing them with a younger, more attractive staff in efforts to “improve” the education of his minority students. Ankrum, who is African American, posted derogatory tweets about dark-skin African American women, gays and older people. “Light skinned ugly chicks are uglier than dark skinned ugly chicks,” said Ankrum using the Twitter handle, “RayQRubio.” The principal’s attorney says whatever Ankrum does outside of work has no bearing on his professionalism. The plaintiff’s attorney, believes Ankrum’s social media is the incriminating evidence needed to prove to a jury that he has a misogynistic and discriminatory bias. The suit is currently under review by an area court as well as the New York State Division of Human Rights. {NY Daily News}

New York Bans Homeless From Remaining On The Streets During Inclement Weather

Governor Andrew Cuomo recently signed an executive order requiring police and social service agencies throughout the state to force the homeless into shelters when temperatures fall below 32 degrees Fahrenheit (0 degrees Celsius). During inclement weather, shelters are now required to have extended hours of operation to ensure it’s homeless residents don’t fall victim to “hypothermia, serious injury and death.” The new executive order will counter individuals refusal to seek refuge during the frigid temperatures in fear that they would be victimized in the shelters. Nearly 80,000 emergency beds are available for homeless single adults, families and unaccompanied youth throughout the state. {The Huffington Post}

Court Rules It’s Unconstitutional To Deny Employment To Former Felons

A unanimous vote from a panel of judges in Pennsylvania ruled that former inmates can not be denied full-time job opportunities based on their criminal history. Four men who were convicted of non-violent crimes between 15 and 30 years ago filed a legal challenge against a state law that imposed a lifetime ban on certain employment opportunities from people with criminal records. On behalf of the court, Judge Mary Hannah Leavitt explained the reasoning behind amending the law, “[The Ban] makes no provision for consideration of any other factor, such as the nature of the crime, the facts surrounding the conviction, the time elapsed since the conviction, evidence of the individual’s rehabilitation and the nature and requirements of the job.” The ruling may provide new employment opportunities for nearly 200,000 people in Pennsylvania that were affected by the broad regulation. {The Huffington Post}

Police Shoot Man After Mistaking Cell Phone For Gun

A Las Vegas coroner has ruled the death of 23-year-old Keith Childress a homicide after he was shot multiple times by police. While attempting to capture Childress, authorities had been told that he was wanted for several felonies including murder. He was found in a residential neighborhood where officers presumed him to be armed and dangerous because he was shielding his right arm. He was repeatedly ordered to drop his weapon and not advance towards the officers. Captain Matt McCarthy of the department’s Office of Internal Oversight and Constitutional Policing said Childress refused to listen resulting in two officers fatally wounding him. The victim had no weapon in his possession, only a cell phone. Childress’ lawyer said his client had not been charged with murder; the warrant for his arrest was as a result of missing a trial in Arizona where he was convicted of burglary, armed robbery, kidnapping, theft and aggravated assault. {ABC News}

Politician Gets Delayed Jail Sentence To Sell His Home

Wendell Walters, the former Housing Preservation and Development Deputy Commissioner for New York has been granted an unusual delay to the start of his jail sentence. Walters was convicted of corruption charges for accepting over $2.5 million in bribes during his tenure in Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s administration. The bribes from contractors included a Greek honeymoon and renovations to his Harlem brownstone. A condition of his three year prison sentence includes selling the historic 4 bedroom, 2.5 bathroom home which is located in the prestigious neighborhood of “Striver’s Row”. The proceeds from the sell will be seized by the government as restitution. Walters was supposed to begin his jail sentence on January 4th but was given an additional month of freedom after three prospective buyers backed out of the deal. His lawyer, Anthony Chilliest, says Walters presence is “essential to the property being sold promptly.” The former politician may be trying to further delay his imprisonment by inflating the value of the home.  The government appraised the brownstone for $2.5 million while Walters has it listed on real estate websites for close to $4 million. The 52-year-old will also have to perform 500 hours of community service upon release. {NY Daily News}


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