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15-year-old Tennessee resident Zaevion William Dobson was killed while trying to protect three girls from gunfire.

Knoxville Police Department Chief David Rausch recalled the grim moments when authorities responded to a 911 call about gunshots being fired at a home. When authorities arrived, a 46-year-old woman named Lisa Perry was found injured on the floor and was taken to the hospital immediately. A few hours later, Perry’s 23-year-old son Brandon and his male friends gathered together and drove to another area of town, where they began shooting at a random group of young adults, including 15-year-old Dobson.

The chaos didn’t end there.

ABC News reports, “Around 2 a.m., police responded to reports of a 2002 BMW that had crashed into an apartment, trapping an elderly female resident. Rausch said the woman was rescued and uninjured. The driver of the BMW was identified as Brandon Perry. Police said he’d been shot before the crash.” Perry was taken to the hospital where he passed away Friday morning.

Dobson’s football coach said, “[He] was very well liked by his peers and his teachers. This was a fine, fine young man. … I want to try to continue to celebrate the life that he had [and] the impact he had on his peers.

Authorities continue to investigate the connection between the three shootings. Both of Brandon’s friends are currently being held in custody, while another suspect was arrested in connection with the shootings.

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