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If you’re expecting your man to pop the question, chances are it’s probably going to happen next month.

What is it about Winter that makes you want to commit?

With cuffing season in full swing and Thanksgiving in the rear view, couples everywhere find themselves on the threshold of Engagement Season. You know that special time of year where your timeline lights up with all of the bright smiles and diamond rings of your friends, family and loved ones announcing their engagements.

It’s no coincidence. December tends to be a hot month to say “Yes!” has found that what most singles refer to as Cuffing Season (when you find a snuggle buddy to get you through the cold months) is also the time that tons of people are popping the question.

With the exception of July 4th (which is at the bottom of the list), all of the most popular dates to get engaged are in the Winter — seven out of the top ten fall in December alone. This year, Christmas Eve has tumbled from the #1 spot down to #3, while Christmas Day itself has climbed to the top. Valentine’s Day has settled into 2nd place. From there, the most popular day to get a ring centers around Christmas.

The full breakdown of their list is as follows:

1. Christmas Day

2. Valentine’s Day

3. Christmas Eve

4. New Year’s Day

5. The Saturday before Christmas

6. Two Saturdays before Christmas

7. New Year’s Eve

8. The Friday Before Christmas

9. December 23rd

10. July 4th

If you’re in a committed relationship and wondering when your man is going to pop the question, be patient. Your ring could be coming some time around Christmas, so be on the look out for a tiny box with a huge present inside. If not, you could always find your ring finger glittering under the dazzling lights of a summer fireworks display.


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