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This is a perfect example of when you don’t give a f*ck for good reason.

Johari Osayi Idusyi decided to enter the depths of Donald Trump‘s insanity out of curiosity.

She saw he was holding his presidential rally close to her college in Springfield, Illinois, and peeked inside to see if her perceptions of him were as a result of media spin, or if this dude is actually crazy.

The ushers positioned her perfectly behind Trump, to add a splash of color to his backdrop.

Her open mind quickly closed when she witnessed how Donald Trump was reacting to some of his protesters. Nobody reacts positively to people who are against them, but she felt like the way he said ‘Get them out of here!’ activated the aggressiveness of his sheep supporters.

In an interview with Jezebel she explained,

‘There was a man who snatched a lady’s Obama hat. She was one of the protesters and was leaving and her hair just went with the hat. Then he threw it into crowd and everybody cheered. I thought, That’s bullying. That’s aggressive. I don’t think Trump handled it with grace.’

Watching everyday people be mistreated shifted something within her.

That’s when she pulled out Citizen, a novel by Claudia Rankine, that delves into the sting of racism in America.

This coincidental prop served as the perfect silent protest against the mess Trump was spewing.

At one point, Idusuyi is scolded by an older woman for not paying attention (eye roll).

‘I’m a young 20-year-old black woman who doesn’t care about this Trump rally, and I’m pretty sure that angered her a lot,’ Idusuyi told Jezebel.

Unbothered, she kept on reading.

This viral hero shows us that making an impact doesn’t always need to be loud, it can often start with pulling out a book.

Check the video below:


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