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This case was truly bizarre, and continues to baffle anyone who followed up with it. Jennifer Cramblett sought $50,000 in damages for emotional suffering from a sperm bank after she gave birth to a bi-racial daughter, according to The Root.

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An Illinois judge said the case did not have legal merit, according to the latest report of the case. Carmblett who sought damages after the sperm bank she used accidentally gave her the wrong donor. The case became widely-known in the public because the wrong donor was an African-American man and Cramblett ended up giving birth to a biracial child.

In their report, The Root points out that the sperm bank did publicly apologize to Carmblatt and her partner Amanda Zinkon, and refunded them part of the cost. This did not stop the couple from suing however because they believed their daughter would grow up feeling like an “outcast” because of living in what is described as a a “very White community” in Ohio.

At the end of the day, Cramblett was denied damages. But it does bring up serious questions about sperm banks and raising kids who don’t “look” like you. More importantly, one has to wonder how the couple’s daughter will feel when she finds out her mother sought damages for how she came to be. All the side-eyes to the mother and this case in general.


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