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Since the rise of the Internet and social media platforms like Twitter and Instagram, there’s been added focus on the celebrity lifestyle. Not every celebrity behaves badly in the public eye. There are some celebrities who not only do good work in their field, they also add positive value to the culture at large. By their commentary, perspectives, and participation in altruistic endeavors or movements, some celebrities use their fame to be a part of something more important than them.

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Other celebrities make you shake your head every time they open their mouth and you just want them to go away. But because we can’t make celebrities go away like that, we’ve offered you another alternative: an ‘IDFWU’ list.

Here are a 5 celebrities that belong on that list (and it’s likely to continue to grow):

1. Stacey Dash

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Sigh. It’s too bad we still have to give Dash some credit for being a part of the cultural phenomenon that was Clueless. Dash has become a beautiful nightmare.

Between her controversial conservative views to the time she defended Donald Trump’s racist comments against immigrants, Stacey is just one of those celebs we’d trade in the racial draft. All of this is what makes her a perfect candidate for our ‘IDFWU’ list.

2. Don Lemon

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Don Lemon has proved time and time and again that he cannot be trusted by the Black community. Not only does he play respectability politics all the time, he doesn’t seem to understand how his antics make Black Americans the perpetrators of the crimes committed against them by institutional racism.

The sad part is when Lemon originally came on the news scene, we were glad to see someone like us making it. In our Tyra voice: “We were rooting for you Don!” What a big disappointment.

3. Raven-Symoné

TrevorLIVE New York 2015

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We miss the sassy school-girl on The Cosby Show and That’s So Raven. But alas, she grew up and became the woman-with-ridiculous-opinions on The View. At this point, everything Raven says can only be stomached if you pretend it’s some form of satire. From seemingly defending a man who said Michelle Obama looks like an ape, to always finding a way to remove herself from the African-American experience, to not knowing that Africa is a continent. Why has Raven chosen this brand to stay relevant? No one knows. And maybe it’s high time to stop caring about her.

4. Charles Barkley 

How to Remain Relevant In Today's Digital Age - 2015 SXSW Music, Film + Interactive Festival

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Barkley’s always yelling when he’s given his sports analysis. Why must everything be so loud when you’re talking? But of course his loudness is not only limited to sports, he seemed to always be saying nonsense post-Ferguson. And the straw that broke the camel’s back was when he said he didn’t know whether slavery was all that bad. I tapped out after that and concluded that whatever would come out of his mouth concerning socio-political issues was probably drivel.

5. Bill Cosby

Black Belt Community Foundation March For Education

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At this point, if you haven’t put Cosby on your ‘IDFWU’ list, I don’t know what to tell you. Before many of us knew about his alleged raping of over 40 women, he would always try to educate the Black masses on the things that would combat racism, like, pulling your pants up. So when the rape accusations came out, I was just not even going to utter anything more about him. For some reason, people find it easier to believe Cosby than the 40+ women he has allegedly raped. You can like Dr. Huxtable and watch re-reuns without guilt. But Bill Cosby should definitely be on your ‘IDFWU’ List.


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