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American Nazi Party Holds Rally At Valley Forge

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In the wake of the Charleston Massacre, the major of the city, John  Riley, and Obama  had a lengthy conversation over how to overcome such events, including the possible disclosure of members and supported of hate-filled groups such as the KKK and other White supremacist organizations. Dylan Roof, the Charleston massacre killer who has been charged with nine counts of murder, was said to have aligned himself with White supremacist hate groups online who often dissipate false information about race in the United States and around the world. And indeed it was quite possibly such information that fueled the fire Roof’s hatred towards Black people.

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Riley and Obama discussed the possibility of hate groups having to reveal their members to the public, as well as finding ways to monitor the activities and information spread of hate-filled groups online. While there will be those who cry, “What about the First Amendment?” With regard to the former possible measure especially, if you wish to be part of a White supremacist hate group, the government is not going to stop you. It just wants everyone else to have the right to know that you are part of said group. Whether private groups have a right to privacy of their members will probably be up for debate,  and rightly so. But hey, if you truly believe in your ideals and values, then why hide them? Take off the hoods and fake online names, and let’s see you for who and what you really are.


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