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It has become an epidemic in this country to see the devastating number of videos showing teenagers caught in some sort of violent brawl.

The brawls usually involve teens viciously physically causing harm to other young people. The latest video that has gone viral involves 5 students from Martin Luther King high school in Philadelphia beating another student. As you watch the video, you can see the victim trying to shield himself by protecting his head while five boys continuously beat him. This is not a case of “boys will be boys.” This is battery, and violent battery as such.

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What is most upsetting however, is that, in addition to other young people watching and not doing anything, there were some adults there who did nothing but look on, never once trying to get authorities to intervene. While it is understandable that personally intervening can put one in a dangerous situation, it is quite shameful that not even a word was spoken.

The local police have identified the attackers,  arrested them and they have also been suspended from school. Four of the five boys seen are juveniles, with the exception of one 18-year-old. They all face multiple charges including aggravated assault.

The 17 year-old victim is recovering from several injuries, including head wounds. It was reported that it was a case of “mistaken identity.” So if it hadn’t been this victim, it would have been someone else? When does it stop?


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