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Marilyn Mosby

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Hey girl, hey! Here’s the news you need to know for this lovely Friday. Don’t sweat it, boo.

1) Legal Team For Killer Cops Came For Marilyn Mosby And She Wasn’t Having It

State Attorney Marilyn Mosby is responding to conflict-of-interest claims from the legal team of the six officers involved with Freddie Gray’s death, calling their arguments “illogical, unsupported, frivolous, and unprecedented.” The state has 30 days to officially act on the defense motions; every officer involved with the case is currently free on bail. Full story here at The Baltimore Sun.

2) House Passes 20-Week Abortion Ban, Now Deliberating In Senate

The fight to limit women’s abortion access lives on. The House has passed a bill to prevent abortions 20 weeks into pregnancy but it may get shot down in the Senate if Democrats push back as expected. Read the story here at The Atlantic.

3) Surprise, Surprise: More Black Teens Killed By The Police 

In Illinois, Police Officer Eric Hill is a free man after fatally shooting 17 year-old Justus Howell twice in the back. The police encountered Howell after he had a scuffle with another teen. In Georgia, nine police officers have now been fired after an internal investigation of 22 year-old Matthew Ajibade’s death. Ajibade died shortly after he was tasered in January during a domestic violence arrest. Read the stories here at The Root and The Savannah Morning News.

4) Biased Much? Reporter George Stephanopoulos Donated 75K to the Clinton Foundation

ABC Journalist George Stephanopoulos is probably making phone calls to Judy Smith right about now. One of the network’s most reputable political journalists just got caught having given thousands of dollars to the Bill, Hillary and Chelsea Clinton Foundation from 2012 to 2014 without disclosing it to his employers or loyal viewers. The network has already said they have his back, but I bet you the GOP is going to have a field day with this development. Read the story here at Politico.

5) Minority Refugees from Myanmar Stranded At Sea

Don’t sleep on the ethnic oppression and unrest in Southeast Asia. Thousands of Rohingya people, a minority immigrant group, are now stuck in the Andaman Sea after fleeing persecution in Myanmar from the government and life in concentration camps. About a thousand have arrived in Indonesia as refugees but there’s still approximately 6,000 to 20,000 wading in the water without resources, a chain of command, or any country that’s willing to take them in. Read all the mess and misfortune here at the New York Times.

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