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Snoop Dogg has always stood out as an emcee.

He still has a battle rapper’s mentality especially when it comes to today’s Hip Hop artists.

He name-dropped Future, Migos and Drake but says in an interview “I don’t know who is who when they doing that rap style, and I love them all.

When I came out as a rapper, everyone had their own style,” Snoop says. “If you sounded like someone else, that word was called biting. You biting my style, you biting my sh*t.

Tha Doggfather explains why his battle rap roots was the reason why he is confident in his skill set still at age 43.

Realistically, I come from the world of battle rap,” he says. “I used to be a battle rapper before I got a record deal, and I always had the attitude that y’all can’t f*** with me, and that’s my attitude when I drop my record. Y’all can’t f*** with me.

And that ain’t derogatory. That ain’t conceited. That ain’t negative. That’s just an energy of confidence of knowing that my shit don’t sound like yours. Right now it may not win. I may not be the most talked about when I come out, but when the dust clears, I’m still gonna be standing because that’s me, it’s not them.

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